2020-09-22 Menno HoltkampAdd Doctrine\ORM\Query\Expr::mod() (#6747) master origin/HEAD origin/master
2020-06-09 Alexander BerlReplace "Blacklist" with "Banlist" in join example...
2020-06-04 Grégoire ParisUse correct target branch info in PR templates (#8171)
2020-05-31 Guilliam XavierShow full XML filename for dataset in test failure...
2020-05-11 Guilherme BlancoUpdated persisters origin/new-embeddables
2020-05-10 Guilherme BlancoUpdated persister->update()
2020-05-10 Guilherme BlancoDisable embedded temporarily
2020-05-09 Guilherme BlancoMore work towards embeddables
2020-05-05 Guilherme BlancoInitial work on adding support back to embeddables...
2020-05-04 Guilherme Blancophpstan
2020-05-04 Guilherme BlancoPHPCS
2020-05-04 Guilherme BlancoPHP 7.4
2020-05-04 Guilherme BlancoMoving Github actions to PHP 7.3, since DBAL requires...
2020-05-04 Guilherme BlancoIntroduced LazyDataType support.
2020-05-01 Guilherme BlancoUpdated composer.json and made unit tests run, not...
2020-03-04 Benjamin EberleiFix: Give workflow a name (#8060)
2020-03-02 Benjamin EberleiRun Static analysis and coding standards in Github...
2020-02-17 Claudio ZizzaMerge pull request #8021 from SenseException/contribute...
2020-02-14 Claudio ZizzaSet link to contribution guide for target branches
2020-02-14 Claudio ZizzaAdapt contributing guide to new target versions
2020-01-23 Jonathan H... Merge pull request #8001 from phated/patch-2
2020-01-23 Jonathan H... Merge pull request #8000 from phated/patch-1
2020-01-23 Blaine BublitzAdd Tidelift enterprise marketing language
2020-01-23 Blaine BublitzUpdate Tidelift item to fix auto-verification
2020-01-07 Benjamin EberleiMerge pull request #7938 from simPod/fix-dbal-dep
2019-12-01 Simon PodlipskyUpdate doctrine/dbal dep to concrete commit
2019-11-22 Luís CobucciMerge pull request #7914 from lcobucci/update-branch...
2019-11-21 Luís CobucciAdd branch 2.8 to docs
2019-11-15 Guilherme BlancoMerge pull request #7828 from andrews05/andrews05-jti...
2019-11-10 Claudio ZizzaMerge pull request #7647 from SenseException/entity...
2019-11-06 Claudio ZizzaMerge pull request #7613 from SenseException/dql-select...
2019-10-31 Grégoire ParisMerge pull request #7669 from iliyaZelenko/patch-1
2019-10-31 Marco PivettaMerge pull request #7883 from Pictor13/patch-1
2019-10-31 Igor PellegriniFix bullet list not rendering correctly on Github
2019-10-03 andrews05Skip TransientMetadata properties while inserting
2019-09-30 mikeSimonsonMerge pull request #7840 from peter-gribanov/reflFieldValue
2019-09-30 Peter Gribanovremove not used variable $reflFieldValue in ObjectHydrator
2019-08-22 Guilherme BlancoImplemented and adopted ClassMetadataBuilder in both...
2019-08-19 Guilherme BlancoCleanup after AssociationBuilders and prep for ClassMet...
2019-08-19 Guilherme BlancoMerge pull request #7799 from doctrine/m2m-association...
2019-08-19 Guilherme BlancoImplemented AssociationBuilders
2019-07-28 Marco PivettaMerge pull request #7782 from doctrine/bump-phpstan
2019-07-28 Marco PivettaMerge pull request #7776 from doctrine/chore/remove...
2019-07-28 Gabriel CarusoRemove hack to access class scope inside closures
2019-07-28 Gabriel CarusoUpdate to PHPStan v0.11
2019-07-26 Luís CobucciMerge pull request #7781 from tybulewicz/patch-1
2019-07-26 Tomasz TybulewiczMissing method `getUtc` added
2019-07-26 Luís CobucciMerge pull request #7777 from doctrine/chore/fix-phpcs...
2019-07-24 Guilherme BlancoFixing build
2019-07-21 Gabriel CarusoFix Code Style issues in master branch
2019-07-19 Guilherme BlancoIntroduced ValueGeneratorMetadataBuilder
2019-07-10 Guilherme BlancoIntroduced FieldMetadataBuilder
2019-07-09 Luís CobucciMerge pull request #7771 from Arman-Hosseini/patch-1
2019-07-09 ArmanUpdate license year
2019-07-09 Guilherme BlancoMerge pull request #7772 from lcobucci/fix-build
2019-07-09 Luís CobucciFix static analysis issues
2019-07-09 Luís CobucciFix coding standard violations
2019-07-04 Guilherme BlancoIntroduced JoinTableMetadataBuilder
2019-07-03 Guilherme BlancoIntroduced JoinColumnMetadataBuilder.
2019-07-03 Guilherme BlancoEliminated the differentiation between class declared...
2019-07-03 Guilherme BlancoRemoved completeRuntimeMetadata() method from ClassMeta...
2019-06-28 Guilherme BlancoDecoupled DiscriminatorColumnMetadataBuilder from drivers
2019-06-27 Guilherme BlancoAdded transient metadata builder. Fixed cache bug for...
2019-06-26 Guilherme BlancoAdded TableMetadataBuilder
2019-06-24 Guilherme BlancoEliminated AbstractClassMetadataFactory, as there is...
2019-06-24 Guilherme BlancoFixes for non-cached behavior
2019-06-24 Guilherme BlancoSimplified entity listeners. Implemented cache builder
2019-06-21 Guilherme BlancoOptimized VersionFieldMetadata support. General fixes...
2019-06-18 Luís CobucciRemove unnecessary argument
2019-06-18 Luís CobucciFix coding standard violations
2019-06-18 Guilherme BlancoExpanded featureset of ClassMetadataBuildingContext...
2019-06-18 Luís CobucciMerge pull request #7725 from doctrine/sync-master
2019-06-17 Darryl Heinchange variable name
2019-06-17 Sergiu PirliciUpdate ordered-associations.rst
2019-06-17 Marc Plotzfix typo
2019-06-17 Claudio ZizzaFix of links and php version after review
2019-06-17 Claudio ZizzaFix of links and anchors
2019-06-17 Guilherme BlancoSwap properties via entity manager mock
2019-06-17 Marco Pivetta #7527 automated CS checks
2019-06-17 Marco PivettaAs an example result:
2019-06-17 Marco PivettaNote: this will still lead to the `UnitOfWork#getSingle...
2019-06-17 Marco PivettaAs previously reported by @flaushi in https://github...
2019-06-17 Michael MoravecLock dependencies for Code Quality stage
2019-06-17 Luís CobucciIsolate entities used by the new test
2019-06-17 Tobias SchultzeFix applying collation on foreign key columns
2019-06-17 Alex Denvir[XML] Fix default value of many-to-many order-by to ASC
2019-06-17 Farhad Safarovfix incorrect phpdoc typehint
2019-06-17 James Titcumb$hydrationMode throughout can be a string as well as...
2019-06-17 Andreas BraunFix parameter value processing for objects with unloade...
2019-06-17 Luís CobucciUse HTTPS endpoint for XML schema location
2019-06-17 naitsirchFixed URLs of doctrine-mapping.xsd in docs
2019-06-17 Michael MoravecAdd UPGRADE note for EntityRepository::count()
2019-06-17 Jarek JakubowskiUnnecessary newline removed, small improvements in...
2019-06-17 Jarek JakubowskiAdd info about Doctrine not using constructor
2019-06-17 Jarek JakubowskiMention that Doctrine does not use Entities public API
2019-06-17 Donovan BourlardFix default value of one-to-many order-by to ASC, ...
2019-06-17 Nicolas FRANÇOISFix handling entities with post generated IDs as FK
2019-06-17 Guilherme BlancoFix mock creation
2019-06-17 Luís CobucciRemove duplicated tag from PHPUnit config
2019-06-17 Luís CobucciRemove useless nested switch case